>#349: My Pet Peeves List

>Are there things that make your grumpy? Drive you crazy? Write them down. (These crazy-making things are called pet peeves.)

Want to look on the bright side? Make a favourites list.

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family to write down their pet peeves. Pet peeves make a good family discussion topic. Work together to help eliminate (get rid of) each other’s pet peeves. For example, Dad hates tripping over wet boots at the front door when he comes home–make sure you put your boots in the boot rack or to the side. And you hate it when your dad comes into the bathroom without knocking–now that he knows, he’ll make sure he knocks. Sometimes when others do things that drive us crazy, they don’t know! Then again, sometimes brothers and sisters do know and they love to do them just to watch us go crazy!

This activity promotes self-awareness and expressing emotion.

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