>#340: Question – Question

>To play Question-Question, two people have a conversation with each other. Sound easy?

Here’s the catch: both players can ONLY ask questions. If playing with more than two players, switch players out as they mess up (they don’t ask a question).

Here is an example:
Person one: How are you?
Person two: What do you mean?
Person one: What are you crazy?
Person two: No, are you?
Person one: Sometimes, but how are you?
Person two: I’m fine (and they are out because this isn’t a question!).

Hint: The conversation doesn’t always have to make sense.

Variations: Make it harder—players have to reply right away (no pause to think about what they are going to ask) or they are out.

Make this a family activity: See who can ask the most questions without messing up.

This activity promotes quick thinking.

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