>#334: What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

>Number of players needed for ‘What Time is it Mr. Wolf’: 4 or more.

One player is the wolf and everyone else stands far away at a starting point. The wolf keeps their back to the other players (and cannot peek). Everyone asks together, “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” The wolf says a time and everyone moves towards the wolf that number of steps. For example, if he says “12 o’clock”, everyone takes 12 steps.

After everyone has moved forward, they ask the time again. If the wolf replies “Time to eat you!” everyone runs back to the starting point. The wolf tries to tag players. If a player is caught, they are out. Keep playing until all players are caught. The last player caught by the wolf, becomes the wolf for the next game.

Variations: Eaten players join the wolf.

Make this a family game: Who gets to be the wolf first?

This activity promotes counting skills and speed.

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