>#325: Cookies in a Jar

>Pull out your favourite cookie recipe, a large sealer jar (you can also use a spaghetti sauce jar), some ribbon and you have a lovely gift.

1. First, make sure your recipe’s dry ingredients will fit in the jar you have chosen. To do that, use your math skills. Add (on paper) up all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc.–NOT eggs, butter, etc.). What does it add up to? Swap it for water. So, if you have 3 cups of dry ingredients, pour 3 cups of water into your jar. If it fits, your dry ingredients will fit.

2. Layer the ingredients into the jar like in the picture above.

3. Put on the lid as well as some ribbon–to pretty it up.

4. Add a tag with baking instructions. Do they need to add an egg, vanilla and butter? Write that on the tag. All they will need to do is add the wet ingredients to your jar’s mix and they will be ready to bake cookies!

Hint: If you don’t have large sealer jars, you might be able to find some at a second hand store. Make sure you wash them before adding your ingredients.

Make this a family activity: Get help from your parents to make up these gift jars.

This activity promotes math skills.

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