>#319: Improv Freeze Tag

>To play Improv Freeze Tag, you will need 5 or more players.

What is Improv or Improvisation? It is a form of drama/acting. Instead of a script telling actors and actresses what to do, the actors and actresses make it all up as they go. It can be silly and also very challenging!

How to play Improv Freeze Tag:

2 or 3 players (actors) stand on ‘stage’ and improvise (make up as they go) a conversation or activity for the audience.

Once the stage actors get going, an audience member can yell, “freeze!” The actors ‘freeze’ and the audience member who yelled ‘freeze’ takes someone’s place on stage and the actors, including the new one, continue on. The replaced player joins the audience.

There can be as many ‘freezes’ as the group wants or until the group wants to go with a new idea.

Ideas to get you started: a wedding, breaking up with a boyfriend, grocery shopping, meeting a new friend, digging a hole.

Make this a family activity: This is a fun game to play after supper instead of watching TV.

This activity promotes quick thinking, creativity, and laughs!

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