>#316: Butterfly

>Make a very easy, beautiful butterfly.

You will need: a white paper coffee filter, washable markers, a black pipe cleaner, scissors, spray bottle that can mist water, and two pieces of paper towel.

1. Cut your pipe cleaner in half (you need a piece about 4-5 inches long). Set it aside.

2. Colour the filter with the markers. You don’t need to cover the whole filter with colour.

3. Hold the coloured filter over the paper towel (to catch any drips that might happen) and mist the filter with water (using the spray bottle). Make sure you get the whole filter wet (but not soaked). The marker’s colour should be a bit runny.

4. Make one twist in the middle of the filter to make two wings. (See above photo.) Wrap your pipe cleaner around the middle of your filter (the twist), leaving the two ends sticking up to make antennas.

5. Lay the butterfly flat on a dry piece of paper towel. In about an hour, it should be dry.

Variations: Glue a magnet to the back of the butterfly to make it a magnet.

Make this a family activity: Get everyone to make a butterfly. Hang them on a piece of fishing line and you have a butterfly family decoration.

This activity promotes colour mixing knowledge.

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