>#313: Make a Scrapbook

>Make a scrapbook. It can be fancy, or simple.

Take an unlined notebook and glue or tape items into your book. They can be photographs, mementos (like ticket stubs, invitations, or pretty much anything you can stick to the page), magazine or newspaper clippings (maybe articles or pictures of your sports team or someone you admire). If you have scrapbooking supplies (special cutouts, ribbons, lettering, paper, etc–available in most crafting stores), you will can decorate the pages to make them a bit fancier.

For example: My brother made a scrapbook of a runner he admired. A friend makes one with pictures of special events like birthdays and other celebrations. And I used to make one of things I found in magazines that I liked (articles, pictures and more). Mine was a real mishmash of everything!

Make this a family activity: Have everyone in the family start their own scrapbook or work on one together.

This activity promotes creativity, spatial awareness as layouts are created and fine motor skills.

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