>#303: Tracing

>There are many different things you can trace and many different ways to trace them. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Trace your hands or feet. Place your foot or hand on a piece of paper, then move your pencil along the edge of your hand, drawing it’s shape on the paper.

Trace a picture. Place a blank piece of paper over the picture you want to trace, then hold both against a window so light shows through the picture as well as your paper so you can see the lines of the picture you want to trace. Now, go over the picture’s lines on your piece of paper. (Keeping your picture and paper to the window.)

Chalk Tracers. Take a dark piece of construction paper and place a plastic tracer toy on it (you can also use things you may find around the house like coins or pieces of cardstock (firm paper used for making cards) cut into different shapes). Using chalk, colour the top of the tracer. Then, gently use a facial tissue to carefully wipe the chalk off the tracer and onto the paper to make streaks in the shape of the tracer. (See picture below.)

Make this a family activity: Trace everyone’s hands and see how different they are.

This activity promotes shape awareness and fine motor skills.

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