>#287: Write to the Government

>Write a letter to the government and let them know how you feel about your country on one of the most important days of the year–Remembrance Day (Canada) or Veteran’s Day (U.S.A.).

What are you thankful for? What do you think the government could do better? Let the government know what you think and feel. (You can write to the local town/city government, the provincial/state government or the federal government. Learn more about the governments, departments, their roles as well as their mailing addresses at your local public library or online.)

Personally, I am proud to be Canadian and am very thankful for our role in keeping peace within the world. However, I do feel that my provincial government could do more for the education system (that’s the schools). The schools need more money for books and teachers.

Make this a family activity: Why not get the whole family together and write letters to the government?

This activity promotes community, citizenship and literacy skills.

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