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The Junk Fort: How a Dead Mouse Is One of My Favourite Childhood Memories and Shaped Who I am Today

Across the blogisphere, bloggers are pulling their favourite childhood memories out of the recesses of their brains in honour of Steena Holmes’ and her new book, “Finding Emma,” and as part of WOW: Women on Writing’s mass blogging event. No surprise, one of my favourite memories, and one that shaped my childhood and thus my

Painted Rocks

Looking for an easy, fun craft for the kids to do? Maybe looking for a little decoration in your garden? Maybe looking for a homemade gift idea that is high on meaning and shy on cost? How about a painted rock craft for your kids? How to Make a Painted Rock Craft   First, find

Retro Parenting

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The idea of retro parenting, or parenting like our parents did really ain’t that bad. (Sometimes you will hear it being called slow parenting, too.) And, okay, I know, we don’t want to become our parents, right? But if you think about it, how many

The It’s All Kid’s Play Newsletter Has Arrived!

A few months ago I decided I would like to try writing a newsletter for parents who would like tips, tricks, information, and play ideas delivered right to their inboxes–for free. I’ve been figuring it all out and I am pleased and proud as punch to say, “It’s here!” I am super excited and worked

Clothespin Mermaid

These adorable clothespin mermaids are a simple and easy (and inexpensive) craft for kids to make. Supplies needed to make clothespin mermaids: Old-fashioned wooden clothespins (They are the rounded ones with no metal in them. You can now find these in craft stores or dollar stores.) Markers Yarn White glue A small sheet of craft

Reseed Playgrounds with Children

Lenore Skenazy, author of “Free Range Kids” and host of the TV show “Bubble Wrapped Kids,” is spearheading the third annual “Take your kids to the park and leave them there” grassroots movement to reseed playgrounds with children. Why would she do that? Think about the playground in your neighbourhood. If this playground were always

Playing with Soap, Food Colouring, and Water

The other day while my daughter was home sick she got bored. It was a no electronics day for her so she decided to experiment (otherwise known as free PLAY!). And experiment and play she did! Here are a few fun things she did (and learned about) with soap, food colouring, and water: Which makes