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King of the Castle

Ever play King of the Castle when you were a kid? If so, you know the taunting challenge and sting of defeat all rolled into one lovely chant sung by the kid who bestest their rivals (you) and gained the spot on top of the hill, pile, rock, picnic table (or whatever else makes them

Free Play in Action

[divider] Right now the kids are ‘scanning’ old reward cards through the babygate and having a blast. That is free play in action. It’s the kind of play that rolls with the punches, is fun for two kids with a seven year age gap, and builds creativity as well as a relationship that is built

Bunny Ears Headband Craft for Easter

>Easter is just around the corner and it’s everything eggs and bunnies! Here’s an easy Easter craft for kids: Make a Bunny Ears Headband! You will need this printable pdf template of the bunny ear headband, paper, markers or crayons, glue, and as an option: tape or a stapler. Print off the template on white