>Short Break

>Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, the blog has been a bit quiet lately as I have been working as a childrens’ programmer (story time gal) in a public library as well as helping two fine writers edit their manuscripts. I will return to my regular posts soon, but in the meantime, please feel

Count Clocks Game

How many clocks do you have in your house? You might be surprised where clocks are hiding. Does your microwave have a clock? How about your stereo? Coffeemaker? DVD player? Phone? Thermostat? Do all the clocks agree with each other? P.S. Daylight Savings Time begins today. Because it is almost spring and the days are

>#394: Window Shopping

>When you go window shopping, you aren’t really looking to buy windows. Window shopping is when you look in the front windows of stores, but don’t go in, and don’t buy anything. Instead, you admire and enjoy the beautiful window displays and a nice walk around outside or in a mall. Make this a family


>Give a friend the shiverees. Don’t know how? Fear not! I have the way… 1) On your friend’s back, slowly and gently draw a big ‘x’ with your finger.While doing that say: Criss Cross 2) Then slide a hand slowly and gently down their back.Say: applesauce 3) Walk your fingers up their back, one by

>#392: Magic Carpet!

>Pretend you are taking a magic carpet ride! Get on a blanket, towel, or little carpet and pretend you are flying through the air. What do you see down there? Is there someone in need of rescue? Make this a family activity: Give your family members a ride! Where should you go? What do you

>#390: Unfortunately – Fortunately

>The game Unfortunately-Fortunately is a pile of fun and will get you thinking. Take turns with a friend or bunch of friends and switch between ‘unfortunately’ and ‘fortunately’. Start with unfortunately.For example:First person: “Unfortunately our essay that was due next week is really due tomorrow morning.”Next person: “Fortunately, I have mine done.”Next person: “Unfortunately the