>#368: Rainstick

>Make your own rainstick (can also be written as rain stick) with these simple instructions: To make a rainstick, you will need: empty paper towel roll, tin foil, 60 mL (1/4 cup) rice, white glue and stickers for decoration. 1) Take a small square of tin foil and glue it over one end of the

>#366: Paper Doll Chain

>To make a paper doll chain, you will need paper, a pencil, and scissors. Fold your paper like an accordion. Start on one end of your paper and fold it up about and inch and a half. Then, flip you paper over and take your inch and a half fold and fold it (as well

>#365: Make a Volcano

>Instructions for making a volcano: To make a BIG volcano, you will need: – 250mL (1 cup) Vinegar– 60 mL (4 tbsp) Baking Soda– Red food coloring—about 4 drops (optional)– Dish Detergent—about 6 drops– jar or bottle (This will be your volcano. Or a volcano can be made from clay or paper maché.)– stir stick

>#364: Musical Chairs

>Number of players for musical chairs: 5 or more. To play musical chairs, you will need: music, chairs (one for each player—minus two). Musical chairs rules: Place chairs in a circle, the seats facing out. One player is in charge of the music, the others are trying to get a chair to sit on when

Obstacle Game

>You will need a ball and some obstacles as well as some space on the floor to play the obstacle game. The point of this game is to roll your ball (you toss it at the start line) from one end of the ‘court’ to the other end where the finish line is, missing or