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>#306: Make Your Own Magnet

>There are many different ways to make your own magnets. If you are good with computers and have a printer, you can buy a magnet sheet at a stationary store and print directly onto it using your home printer. This is nice if you like to make drawings on the computer or if you have

Cross-Country Skiing

>Do you have any snow on the ground? Go cross-country skiing. Don’t have skis? No problem, ski shops sometimes rent skis as do some sporting good stores or recreation facilities. Look around and see what you can find. Make this a family activity: This is a great way to get the family outside and moving.

>#304: Create Your Own Placemat or Coaster

>To make your own placement or coaster, you will need: paper and pens, markers or paint. You can make a placemat or coaster (sits under a cup so it doesn’t wreck the coffee table) on ordinary paper with crayons, paints, pens or pencil crayons. You can also stick stickers, glue pictures or other things to

>#302: Make a Centerpiece

>Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans out there. A centerpiece is something you place in the middle of a table for decoration. There are hundreds of different ideas and types of centerpieces. What do you think would look nice? Something made of flowers? Pine cones? Wood? Paper? Be creative. If you need ideas or designs, try

>#300: Blow Bubbles in Your Drink

>Grab a straw and something to drink. Blow through your straw to make bubbles. How many bubbles can you make? Can you make the bubbles come all the way up to the top of your glass? Hint: Milk makes great bubbles. Make this a family activity: Give everyone a straw and blow crazy bubbles. This