>#303: Tracing

>There are many different things you can trace and many different ways to trace them. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Trace your hands or feet. Place your foot or hand on a piece of paper, then move your pencil along the edge of your hand, drawing it’s shape on the paper.

>#301: Spend a Million Dollars

>Come on, I know you wanna. How far does a million dollars go? Can you spend a million dollars ($1, 000, 000)? Get out a calculator, a few catalogues (for prices and ideas) and see how much you could buy if you had a million dollars. Is it hard? Is it easy? Hmmm… how much

>#300: Blow Bubbles in Your Drink

>Grab a straw and something to drink. Blow through your straw to make bubbles. How many bubbles can you make? Can you make the bubbles come all the way up to the top of your glass? Hint: Milk makes great bubbles. Make this a family activity: Give everyone a straw and blow crazy bubbles. This