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Measure Yourself

How tall are you? How long is your hand? How big is your ankle? How long are all of your toes? Make this a family activity: See who has the longest toe. Who has the shortest toe? Who has the longest hair? Dare to compare! This activity promotes math skills.

>#246: Read

>It is Freedom to Read Week. Celebrate your freedom to read all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers and even internet articles. Make this a family activity: Get the whole family together for a few minutes of reading, and sharing. This activity promotes citizen and rights awareness as well as literacy skills.

>#243: Make a Mixed Tape, CD, or Playlist

>What are your favourite songs? Put them all on one CD, tape or playlist for an mp3 player. You can also make a compilation (group of songs) that is fun to dance to, for a friend, or…whatever you want! Make this a family activity: Everyone makes a list for someone else in the family. This

>#242: Make Your Own Word Search

>To make your own word search, you will need: graph paper, and a pen. This word search was made with Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker. Graph paper will help keep your letters evenly spaced. Start by writing in your ‘hidden’ words (you can write them forwards, backwards, sideways and diagonally), then fill the empty spaces with random

>#241: No Thumbs

>What can you do without thumbs? Have a friend gently tape your thumbs to the side of your hand. Try different things like tying your shoes and writing your name. Make this a family activity: Have everyone tape down a thumb. See who can do what with no thumbs. This activity promotes motor skill awareness.