>#206: Have a Campfire/Bonfire

>A bonfire is a large fire. You can make a small ‘bonfire’ or a ‘campfire’ in a fire pit. Anybody know any scary stories? Roast marshmallows? Roast wieners? Safety First: Never play with or around a fire. Make sure an adult sets up and lights the fire. Also make sure you have water ready to

>#205: Watch a Movie in the Car

>It’s travel season. When you’ve exhausted all the games here, try a movie. If you don’t have a movie player and you are going on a really long trip, see if you can borrow a portable movie player from a friend. (And maybe a movie too!) Make this a family activity: Everyone in the backseat–it’s

>#203: Go hiking

>Put on a pair of good shoes and go for a hike! (A hike is a long walk, usually along a trail, up a mountain or somewhere scenic.) Make this a family activity: Take the whole family, of course! This activity promotes physical activity and awareness of one’s environment.

>#202: Build an Inuksuk

>Inuksuit (plural for inuksuk) originated in the Canadian Arctic. These rock statues are used to help hunters find their way and look like a short, wide person. Stack rocks on top of each other to build your own inuksuk. Rocks that have a flat top and bottom are the best. You can make an Inuksuk

>#201: Homemade Popsicles

>Make a healthy, homemade popsicle treat to cool you off. If you don’t have popsicle molds, you can use used mini-yogurt containers or ice cube trays (that will make mini popsicles–use toothpicks for sticks). Pour your chosen juice into your container, add a popsicle stick and freeze for a few hours. To make it more

>#200: Leap Frog

>Leap frog! All players kneel and bend over on the ground, tucking themselves into a small ball, making one long line. The person at the back of the line becomes the leap frog. The leap frog places a leg on either side of the crouched frog in front of them and places their hands on