>#212: Make a Milkshake

>Yum! An excellent way to cool down. Mix ice cream or frozen yogurt in a blender along with a banana (for that milkshakey thickness) and a little bit of milk or soy milk. Add frozen or fresh fruit. Ta-da! Time to slurp it up through a straw. Make this a family activity: make enough for

>#211: Pretend You Are an Animal

>What kind of animal are you? Where do you live? What do you do during the day? How do you act? What do you eat? Make this a family activity: someone can be the animal trainer, or you can all be animals together. This activity promotes awareness of other species and their behaviour.

>#210: Spin Until You’re Dizzy

>Spin around and around and around. Are you dizzy? Try walking in a straight line? Can you? Whoa! Look out for that wall! (If you get to dizzy, trying spinning a top, like above, instead.) Make this a family activity: see how fast mom and dad get dizzy. This activity promotes balance.

>#209: Dance

>Get out the boogie! Turn on music that makes you want to move and dance! How do you make a tissue dance?Put a little boogie in it. Make this a family activity: Get the whole family up and moving. This activity promotes coordination and timing.

>#207: S’mores

>Hey, how about some s’mores to go with yesterday’s campfire? Wait until the fire burns down to coals. Then you are ready to make s’mores. You will need marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers (or arrowroot cookies). Place chocolate on one cookie. If you have a grate over the firepit, place the cookie there so the