>#219: Popcorn String

>You will need: popcorn, needle, and string. Pop popcorn in an air popper (do not use microwave popcorn). Thread a needle with string and stick the needle through the popcorn. Keeping sewing popcorn onto your string until you have a length you want. You can place it on the Christmas tree or place it outside

>#218: Paint

>Paint your own picture, paint in a paint book, or do a paint-by-numbers. Identical-sided paintings: Paint one side of a piece of paper and while the paint is still wet, fold the paper in half and press down. The paint from the one side is now on both sides of the paper. Drippy Paintings: Put

>#217: Jet Ski

>Let’s go for a ride! Have an adult take you for a ride on a jet ski. (In Canada, you must be 16 or older to drive one of these.) Safety First: Wear a life jacket and follow your local water safety rules. Make this a family activity: Everyone gets a ride! This activity promotes

>#216: Fly a Kite

>Hey, is it windy outside? Go fly a kite! Safety First: Make sure you fly your kite a long way away from telephone poles (overhead wires) and big trees. Also, never fly a kite during a thunder storm. Make this a family activity: Take the whole family to the park to fly a kite. This

>#215: Cross Your Eyes

>Can you cross your eyes? Hold your finger in front of your face and slowly, bring it in to your nose. As you bring your finger to your nose, keep watching it with your eyes. It will make your eyes cross! Make this a family activity: See if everyone in your family can cross their