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Hold a Book Swap

>Have you read all your books and looking for something new to read? Trade books with your friends. (Ask your parents if it is okay first.) Make this a family activity: find a family to swap books with. This activity promotes literacy skills.

>#219: Popcorn String

>You will need: popcorn, needle, and string. Pop popcorn in an air popper (do not use microwave popcorn). Thread a needle with string and stick the needle through the popcorn. Keeping sewing popcorn onto your string until you have a length you want. You can place it on the Christmas tree or place it outside

>#218: Paint

>Paint your own picture, paint in a paint book, or do a paint-by-numbers. Identical-sided paintings: Paint one side of a piece of paper and while the paint is still wet, fold the paper in half and press down. The paint from the one side is now on both sides of the paper. Drippy Paintings: Put

Count Thunder

>You’ll need a thunder storm for this one. Look out your window and watch for lightning. When you see it flash across the sky, begin counting until you hear the accompanying thunder. (Thunder is the sound caused by lightning.) Count slowly, one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, until the thunder comes. Take that number and