>#196: Crochet or Knit

>Hey! It’s time to knit or crochet! It is easiest to learn to crochet or knit from someone who already knows how. (They might even let you borrow some of their supplies.) Make this a family activity: Is there someone in your family who knows how to knit or crochet? Ask them to teach you

>#195: Look at the Stars

>Take a look at the stars. If you don’t have a telescope, try binoculars. Learn more about stars and planets at your local observatory (a place with a large, high-powered telescope—sometimes they have nights where the general public can come and look through their big telescopes), in an astronomy book or online. The best viewing

>#193: Pretend You Are a Celebrity / Famous

>Pretend you are a celebrity (a famous person). What do they do? What do they talk like? What do they wear? Where do they go? Make it a family activity: Every celebrity needs celebrity friends, family, photographers, assistants and more! This activity promotes imagination.

>#192: Phoon

>Phooning is a strange, strange game. Basically, you pose like below–it almost looks like you are running. Then take a picture. See all the strange places you can phoon. Here’s a website about it: www.phoons.com Make it a family activity: See how many family photos you can get your family to ‘phoon’. This activity promotes

Have a Race with Friends

>Have a race with your friends. Race forwards! Race backwards! How about racing sideways? Hopping? Make it a family activity: Race with your family. Get your siblings together–who can clean their room the fastest? This activity promotes testing and learning one’s limits.