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Build a Sandcastle

>Build a sandcastle. To build a sandcastle, you will need damp sand that can be packed into a container or can be shaped by hand into different castle parts. Hint: Shells, grass, sticks and leaves can be used to decorate your sandcastle. Make this a family activity: Have the whole family work together to build

>#164: Make a Birdhouse

>To make a birdhouse, you will need some building supplies. You can find these at a hardware store. Sometimes hardware stores also have birdhouse kits that include all the pieces you need to make a birdhouse–already cut–along with instructions. If you are feeling creative and want to build a birdhouse without a kit, you can

>#163: Pick 20

>Are you stuck in the car for hours and bored out of your mind? Play the car ride game, Pick 20. 20 Pick something, then try to find 20 of them. What did you pick? Red cars? Waterfalls? Semis? Yellow signs? Trees? Traffic Lights? Minivans? Make this a family activity: Everyone picks 20 of something

>#161: Red Light, Green Light

>To play Red Light, Green Light, you will need 4 or more players and lots of room. One player is the ‘light’. They stand away from the group with their back facing the group. When the light says “green light” everyone moves toward the light. When the light says “red light” everyone must freeze. The

Look for a Rainbow (and pot of gold)

>The legend goes that at the end of a rainbow, leprechauns hide their pot of gold. Rainbows come out after the rain when the sun is shining. Can you find a rainbow? What about a pot of gold? Make this a family activity: Get everyone together to seek the end of the rainbow. Hurry! It

>#159: Pencil Tricks

>Let’s do some pencil tricks! Can you hold a pencil (or pen) between your upper lip and your nose? How about between your lower lip and your chin? What about balancing it on your ear? Nose? Eyebrows? Where can you balance the pencil? Make this a family activity: See who can balance the pencil in