>#135: Skip Stones

>Find a stone that fits nicely in your hand. A good skipping stone is flat on the bottom and slightly rounded on top. Try to get the stone to skip along the top of the water in a lake or pond (smooth water without waves works best). If you throw the stone side-arm, it helps

>#134: Horseshoes

>The game of horseshoes is also called horseshoe pitching. You will need a stake and two horseshoes for each player. Players stand back and throw their horseshoe at the stake. They are trying to get a “ringer”. This means, their horseshoe is hooked around the stake. Players get 3 points for a ringer. If both

>#132: Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

>All you need is a picture from a magazine, an old greeting card, an old postcard or photo that can be cut up and a pair of scissors. If you are using a picture from a magazine, make your puzzle stronger by gluing the picture to the same sized piece of cardboard (an old cereal

>#129: Mini Golf

>Grab some friends and family and go play mini golf. There are all sorts of courses both inside and outside. Have fun! Make it a family activity: Take the whole family. This activity promotes physical activity and eye-hand coordination as well as correct angle calculations (math skills).