Play Salon

>Grab a friend and play salon/hairdresser. Take turns doing each other’s hair (no cutting!) Do each other’s nails too. This activity promotes sharing, taking care of others and learning about personal grooming.

>#102: Car Ride Scavenger Hunt

>Who says you can’t have a scavenger hunt in the car? Nobody, that’s who! So, let’s go! What to do: Look for the items listed below (or make your own list) while riding in the car. You don’t have to find the ‘real’ items. For example, if you see a picture of a cow, or

>#101: Look for Tadpoles

>Tadpoles are baby frogs. They have front legs and a long tail. They may also be starting to grow their back legs–making them a bit funny looking. When baby frogs are still in the tadpole stage, they can’t breathe above water like an adult frog can. They also are very good at hiding. Safety First:

>#100: Watch Construction

>Safety First: Stay out of construction areas. Obey all signs and workers. Make sure you keep yourself safe. If there is a fence, do not climb it or sneak past it. Construction sites can be dangerous. Usually when buildings or roads are being built, there is a safe place where people can watch the machines