>#59: Swimming

> Let’s go swimming! If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it is warm enough to go swimming outside–go for it. Otherwise, check out when your local indoor pool has public swim hours and have some fun in the water. This activity promotes physical activity.

>#58: Overbars

>Try going over-bars. What is over-bars? Swing on a swing and see how high you can go. When I was a kid we used to go as high as we could thinking we could go over the bars that holds the swings up. We never did, but it was fun to try! (Make sure you

>#57: Visit the Zoo

> Let’s get out of the house and see some animals! You can visit a big zoo, or a petting zoo or even a privately owned zoo. This activity promotes learning about and an awareness of the Earth’s variety of creatures.

>#56: Eat with Chopsticks

> Try eating your next meal with chopsticks. If you aren’t used to it, it can be tricky. (And fun!) In countries like China and Japan, people eat with chopsticks instead of forks. Once you learn how to use them, it’s easy! It is believed that chopsticks have been around longer than the fork. Using

>#55: Can’t Touch the Floor

>There are different variations for this tricky game, but the rules are the same: your feet can’t touch the floor. You may have to walk on your hands, crawl, roll or slither on your stomach. Or, maybe NONE of your body can touch the floor. In this case, use pieces of paper or cushions as

>#54: Track and Animal

>This time of year is great for tracking animals in and around your neighbourhood. Look in the soft snow or mud, if you’ve got it, and see if you can find some animal tracks. You will probably see tracks left by dogs, cats or birds. See where they went and what they did. Just make