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>#73: Make a Grass Head

>Materials needed:An old knee-high stocking (or the leg cut off an old pair of nylons)15 mL (1 tablespoon) grass seed750 mL (3 cups) sawdust or peat mossBowlSaucer or plateWaterMarkers, white glue, goggly eyes (or buttons) Place grass seed in the toe of the stocking. Fill the foot of the stocking with sawdust or peat moss.

Make Puddle Rivers: Play in the Mud

>It’s mud puddle time! Put on your rubber boots and go find some small mud puddles. Connect mud puddles together by dragging the heel of your boot through the mud or use a shovel. Make rivers and connect the ‘lakes’ (mud puddles). This activity promotes engineering (math, logic and calculation) skills.

>#71: Go to a Trade Show

>A trade show can be about cars, local businesses, computers, weddings, comic books, skis, RVs, books, and more! A trade show usually has many booths with contests, phamplets and people, people, people. Check to see what’s happening around your town/city this weekend. Maybe you can go to a trade show. This activity promotes exploring interests.