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>#30: Make a Terrarium

>What is a terrarium? A terrarium is a small, closed container for plants. Materials needed: jar or glass container with lid (you can also use an old fish tank if you have one), potting soil, plants and water. Take a clear jar—the wider and bigger the better. Place some soil in the bottom of the

>#29: Make a Valentine

>Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t made (or bought) and given out your valentine’s already, make your own and mail them or give them away. It’s valentine’s day! Let’s celebrate. There are hundreds of ways to make your own valentine so see what you have at home and cut and glue and tape and cut

>#28: Read or Trade a Comic, Cartoon or Manga Book

> Sit down, relax and read a comic book! If you are tired of the ones you have, trade with a friend (you may have to ask your parents first) or see if your local library has some you can sign out. Or, if you are feeling really creative, you could make your own comic

Research Favourites on the Internet

> What is your favourite animal? Your favourite movie? Your favourite person in history? Or maybe you are simply curious about how a pet-friendly restaurant works. Research it! Being curious is the best part of being kid. Feed that curiosity with a little researched info on what interests YOU! The Internet has become an amazing

>#26: Give Someone a Massage

>Out of the goodness of your heart, give someone a back massage or if you’re really brave, a foot massage. Watch out for stinky feet! What is a massage? It is a way to rub someone’s muscles with your hands. It feels really nice! Gently push and rub someone’s back in small circle motions. Ask

Go Curling

>Curling is a lot of fun. See if your local rink has curling times for the general public, or lessons for beginners. What is curling? You slide rocks (special, fancy ones with handles) down the ice and try and get them to stop in a big circle. People with special brooms can sweep in front