>#37: Red Rover

>This game needs lots of space, so find some space outside and have fun. Players (the more the better, but 8 is a good start) form 2 lines. The two lines need to be far away from each other, but facing each other. In each line, everyone holds hands. One team calls out “Red rover,

>#36: Shred a Newspaper

> Get silly and shred (rip) a newspaper with your hands. (This is really good for getting frustration out.) Just make sure your parents are done with it first and clean up afterwards. (Ooooh, do I have to?) This activity promotes eye-hand coordination and muscle control (motor skills).

>#34: Pretend You Are Invisible

>Nobody can see you! What do invisible people do? What is the best part about being invisible? The worst part? Careful nobody steps into you by accident! This activity promotes creative problem solving by using one’s imagination.

>#33: Burst a Paper Bag

>All you need for this one is a paper bag (like a lunch bag) and some air in your lungs. Open the paper bag and scrunch the top of the paper bag so you can blow into it. Blow the bag up so it is tight, holding the top of the bag closed. Now bang

>#32: Tin Can Shoes

>Tin can shoes were popular during the 1940s. Why? Because they are easy to make and totally cool. Materials needed: 2 large coffee or tomato cans, 2 pieces of long, tough string or cord (over 1 metre (3 feet) long for each can), something sharp to make holes in the cans (a nail carefully hammered

>#31: Coin Imprints

>You will need paper, a few coins and a crayon or pencil. Place the coin under the piece of paper and gently rub your crayon or pencil over the paper. It will be bumpy from the coin underneath. Soon, you will find that the shape and texture (the bumps on the coin) will show up