>#43: Crazy Arms

>Try this tricky business: Stand in a doorjamb with your arms out at your sides. Push the tops of your hands against the doorjamb. Push as hard as you can for about thirty seconds. It has to be for a long time, otherwise it won’t work. Step out of the doorjamb and relax your arms.

Tell Jokes

>Now that the It’s All Kid’s Play website is up, pop over and check out the jokes. Share them with a friend and laugh until your cheeks and stomach hurt. 🙂 This activity promotes people and humour skills.

>It’s All Kid’s Play Website

>The It’s All Kid’s Play website is now up! Tell your friends, tell your neighbours and definitely tell your kids. www.itsallkidsplay.ca has over 700 activities listed so you’ll never hear those dreaded words “I’m bored” again! Pop over and visit the same great activities you’ve been finding here plus many more. As well, find jokes,

>#38: Pick and Count

>To keep you from getting bored while in the car, pick something to count (like trees, red cars, dumpsters, cows) and see how many you find. You can set a time limit, like two minutes to make it more of a challenge. You can also play against someone on the other side of the car.