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>#15: Write Thank You Letters

>It’s not too late to send people thank you letters from Christmas. Or maybe you had a birthday recently. Why not send people a note saying thank you and how much you are enjoying your new gift? They are sure to appreciate it! If you haven’t gotten a gift recently, or have already written your

>#12: Duck, Duck, Goose

>You will need 4-10 people to play this game. (You can play with fewer people or more people, but it isn’t quite as much fun.) Everyone sits in a circle, facing in. One player is chosen to start the game. They walk around the outside of the circle and touch each player on the head

>#10: Make Animals Out of Pipe Cleaners

>Be creative with pipe cleaners. Make animals by twisting and bending pipe cleaners together. Can you make a whole zoo full of animals? If you have googly eyes, you can glue some on like in the photo below. Have fun! Note: You can find pipe cleaners in arts and craft stores as well as most