>#13: Look at a Map

> Take a look at a map (or globe if you have one). Where do you live? What are some interesting places that you would like to visit? See if you can find places for each letter of the alphabet. Is there a place that starts with ‘A’? ‘B?’ Which letter is it the hardest

Make Your Own Club

> Get some friends together and make a club. Do you all like to fingerpaint? Make a fingerpainting club. Maybe you all like to climb trees, make forts, play dress-up or play Uno. Whatever you like to do together–make it a club. You’ll need to give your club a name. If you want you can

>#9: Flip a Coin

> Take a coin and flip it up into the air. Try and catch it. Without looking at it, flip it over and the back of your hand–then peek at it. Is it heads or tails? ‘Heads’ has the picture of the person on it, the other side (usually a plant or animal) is ‘tails’.