Thumb War Game

>One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war! Thumbs, get in your corners. Ready? Three, two, one, go!Thumb Wars or Thumb Wrestling: Two players face each other. The players hold right hands and curl their fingers into each other’s palms so their hands ‘lock’. Both players touch the tips of their thumbs together. See

>#332: Pick Things Up With Your Toes

>Can you pick things up with your toes? Try picking up pencils, rubber balls, socks, and other small things using your toes instead of your fingers. Can you do it? Who has ‘finger toes’ and use their toes like fingers to pick things up? Make this a family activity: See if anyone has ‘finger toes.’

Sing Christmas Carols

>Merry Christmas, everyone! What Christmas carols (songs) do you know? You can sing your carols by your self, with your family or even go out as a group, caroling for your neighbours. Do you need lyrics? Make this a family activity: Take the family out caroling. This activity promotes Christmas spirit and musical skills.