>#187: Pencil Container

>Decorating a jar or can to make a pencil holder is a great gift idea.

You will need: empty jar or can about 8 x 10 cm (3-4 inches) tall with a wide opening at the top, tissue paper, pencil, white glue, and a shallow container for glue (like a jar lid).

Cut tissue paper into small squares (3 x 3 cm or 1 by 1 inch). Wrap one square of tissue paper over the eraser end of a pencil. Lightly dip it in glue so the middle of the tissue paper is covered with glue. Stick the gluey part of the tissue paper onto the jar or can. The center should stick to the jar while the rest of the square pokes out, away from the jar. Continue until the jar is covered, placing your squares close together.

Variation: Completely cover one side of the tissue paper square with glue and lay it flat on the jar. It will be smooth and fast. (Shown above.)

Make this a family activity by making this craft as a gift for someone in your family.

This activity promotes fine motor skills, patience and creativity.

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