>#174: Super-Easy Ice Cream

>To make one serving of super-easy ice cream you will need:

Mix together in a small zip top bag:
125 mL (½ cup) half-and-half cream
1 mL (¼ tsp) vanilla
15 mL (1 tbsp) white granulated sugar
Press air out of the bag and seal it.

Mix together in a large zip top bag:
ice (enough to half fill a large zip top bag)
30 mL (2 tbsp) coarse salt

Stir the salt so it coats the ice. Put the small bag in the big bag. Squeeze the air out of the large bag and seal it. Jiggle, squeeze and toss the bag for 10 minutes. Brrrrr…you might need your winter gloves!

Ta-da! Soft ice-cream!

Make it a family activity: Make enough for everyone in the family and take turns jiggling the ice cream.

This activity promotes food creation awareness as well as learning about the freezing process.

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