>#149: Spoons

>You will need 4 or more players, a spoon for each player (minus one player), and a deck of cards.

Spoons are placed in the middle of the players where everyone can reach them. One spoon per player, minus one player. So, if you have 4 players, put out 3 spoons. From the deck of cards, pull out 4 cards for each player. The 4 cards for each player need to be the same. (For example, pull out 4 jacks.) Shuffle all the cards together. Each player gets dealt four cards. Players look at their cards. If all four of their cards are the same, they grab a spoon. As soon as one player grabs for a spoon, everyone else does too. The player who does not get a spoon, is out of the game. If nobody happens to have been dealt all four the same, everyone gives away one card by passing it, face down, to the player on their right. They look a the card they have been given. They can keep it, or pass it along.

Variations: Players, once out, stay out until there is only one player with a spoon left. They are the winner. (As players leave the game, remove a spoon.) Or, players who didn’t get a spoon can still play in the next round.

Make this a family activity: Everyone plays! Family game night!

This activity promotes quick reflexes and visual identification skills.

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