>#141: Tag

>Number of players: Best with 4 or more.

One player is ‘it’. The ‘it’ player tries to tag (lightly touch) one of the other players making them ‘it’. Once another player becomes ‘it’, the used-to-be ‘it’ player has to get away from the ‘it’ player just like everyone else or they will be tagged and become ‘it’ again.

Freeze tag: When a player is tagged, they become frozen (can’t move). Frozen players stand with their arms spread out until someone who isn’t frozen can run under their arms to unfreeze them. Play until everyone is frozen or until the ‘it’ player gets too tired.

Blob tag: When the ‘it’ player tags another player, they also become ‘it’. ‘It’ players hold hands to make a blob and try to make all the players part of the blob. The last player tagged is the new ‘it’ player for the next game.

Can’t tag your butcher: You need at least 5 people to play this version. Once a player becomes ‘it’, they can’t tag the player who made them ‘it’.

Shadow tag: ‘It’ tags shadows by stepping on them instead of touching players.

Flashlight tag: It must be dark for this one. Agree on where the game boundaries are (fenced yard or basement). Each player gets a flashlight. Nobody but the ‘it’ player turns theirs on. The players run around and the ‘it’ person turns on their flashlight for 1 second here and there to see if they can tag a player by shining the light on a part of them. Once tagged, that player can help the ‘it’ person by shining their flashlight on players.

Make it a family activity: The whole family can play tag, and I think Dad should be ‘it’ first.

This activity promotes physical activity and observation skills.

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