>#120: Make a Mask

>You will need: paper plate (or a piece of flexible, round cardboard that has an unmarked side), string, markers (crayons, paints, or pencil crayons), and scissors.

Draw a face on your paper plate mask with markers, crayons, pencil crayons or paint. Ask an adult to cut out the eye holes and two tiny holes at the sides by the ears. (Or use a popsicle stick as a handle like in the photo.) Thread a piece of string through the side holes and adjust it to make the mask fit your head.

What kind of mask are you making? Is it a cat? Add whiskers and ears. An elephant? Add a trunk.

Instead of drawing a face on the plate, glue things like pipe cleaners, string or strips of construction paper to make facial features. Felt or fleece can make large elephant ears, fuzzy fur or a little, fuzzy, soft nose.

Make it a family activity: everyone makes their own mask, then puts on a play.

This activity promotes creativity.

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