>#12: Duck, Duck, Goose

>You will need 4-10 people to play this game. (You can play with fewer people or more people, but it isn’t quite as much fun.)

Everyone sits in a circle, facing in. One player is chosen to start the game. They walk around the outside of the circle and touch each player on the head while saying “duck”. If they say “goose” instead of “duck”, the player who was called “goose” must jump up and run around the circle in the opposite direction than the player that called them “goose”. Both players are racing for the empty sitting spot in the circle. Whoever gets there first, sits down. The player who doesn’t have anywhere to sit now goes around the circle saying “duck” or “goose”.

If there is a tie (the two racing players get to the sitting spot at the same time), the person who was called “goose” gets the spot and the other player has to go around again, choosing a new “goose”.

Have fun!

This activity promotes physical activity and group play.

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