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>#7: Mute the TV

> Find a boring show on TV and turn the volume all the way down (mute). Make up your own words for what they are saying. Be as silly or serious as you want to be. See if you can find someone to play along–like a big brother. You can play this game for commercials

>#6: How Long Will It Take?

> This one is for in the car, bus, subway or really, anything that you are riding in. Look out the window and guess how long it will take for you to pass something. For example, how many seconds until you pass that tree? That store? That huge red sign? You can play this game

>#5: Flubber

>Get ready for some fun! Making and playing with flubber is one of my favourite things to do. Here are the supplies you’ll need to make flubber:Borax (also called sodium borate and can be found in the cleaning aisle in stores)Warm waterWhite glueContainer (an ice cream bucket is good)SpoonMeasuring cup and measuring spoon Pour 10

>#4: People Watching

> This one is good if you are waiting for your parents. Hang on, what is people watching? Well, people watching is…when you watch people! You can people watch anywhere you find people (it might be out your front window, at school, just down the street or at the mall). Look at the people walking

>#3: Eat by Candlelight

> Convince your family to gather around the supper table tonight, turn off the lights and eat supper in the glow of candlelight. Safety First: Have an adult light the candles–you can blow them out when everyone is done supper. This activity promotes family bonding and creates a nice memory of an activity done together–it