Sensory Smart Kids Begins With Free Play

I’m going to say it. You don’t need specific, sensory activities (or tactile activities) for your child. Sensory tubs. Sensory this. Sensory that. A book on how to raise a sensory smart kid. You are a good parent and childhood is naturally sensory. It’s difficult to raise a sensory “stupid” child. However, if you look

KaBOOM’s Playground Challenge 2012

Pop quiz! During the summer holidays, does the average North American child: a) Get in better physical health? b) Get in worse physical health? c) Stay about the same in terms of physical health? Surprisingly and sadly, it is b. The average child gets in worse physical shape during the summer holidays. Yikes! Kids these

The Junk Fort: How a Dead Mouse Is One of My Favourite Childhood Memories and Shaped Who I am Today

Across the blogisphere, bloggers are pulling their favourite childhood memories out of the recesses of their brains in honour of Steena Holmes’ and her new book, “Finding Emma,” and as part of WOW: Women on Writing’s mass blogging event. No surprise, one of my favourite memories, and one that shaped my childhood and thus my

Reseed Playgrounds with Children

Lenore Skenazy, author of “Free Range Kids” and host of the TV show “Bubble Wrapped Kids,” is spearheading the third annual “Take your kids to the park and leave them there” grassroots movement to reseed playgrounds with children. Why would she do that? Think about the playground in your neighbourhood. If this playground were always