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Roll Your Coins

>If you have a piggy bank full of change, you can roll it up in paper coin rolls (you can get these for free at your bank–or you can buy them in the store). Once they are rolled, take them to the bank.

In Canada:
Pennies (1 cent coin) = 50 pennies in a roll (50 cents)
Nickels (5 cent coin) = 40 nickels in a roll ($2)
Dimes (10 cent coin) = 50 dimes in a roll ($5)
Quarters (25 cent coin) = 40 quarters in a roll ($10)
Loonies (1 dollar coin) = 25 loonies ($25)
Twoonies (2 dollar coin) = 25 twoonies ($50)

This activity promotes the value of money (if we’re lucky!) and counting skills.

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