Research Favourites on the Internet


What is your favourite animal? Your favourite movie? Your favourite person in history? Or maybe you are simply curious about how a pet-friendly restaurant works. Research it! Being curious is the best part of being kid. Feed that curiosity with a little researched info on what interests YOU!

The Internet has become an amazing tool for looking up things you are interested in or curious about. With the help from a parent, do some research on some of your favourite things.
Here are a few safe Internet sites to get you started on your research (these links are also helpful if you have a school project you need to research):
How Stuff Works (A very cool site that explains how things work.)

Info Please (It’s an encyclopedia, atlas, almanac, dictionary, thesaurus and pile of biographies all rolled into one.)

Fact Monster (Like infoplease, only for younger kids.)

Kids Click (A pile of great links all in one place thanks to many wonderful librarians.)

This activity promotes literary and research skills as well as a passion for one’s interests.

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