Make Your Own Club

> Get some friends together and make a club. Do you all like to fingerpaint? Make a fingerpainting club. Maybe you all like to climb trees, make forts, play dress-up or play Uno. Whatever you like to do together–make it a club.

You’ll need to give your club a name. If you want you can give yourself club nicknames. Hold meetings, get new members, make your own newsletter, create a secret handshake, have challenges…anything you want!

For example:
The Tree Climbing Club
Members are called ‘Squirrels’.
The members are Squirrel Anna, Squirrel Mark, Squirrel Jennifer and Squirrel Alex.
Every Saturday the club gets together to climb different trees in the neighbourhood. Each week someone different chooses which tree they will climb. They have a booklet they have made on the best kinds of trees to climb, the best things to wear (or not wear) when climbing a tree as well as some tree climbing tips.

This activity promotes cooperation.

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