Playing with Soap, Food Colouring, and Water

The other day while my daughter was home sick she got bored. It was a no electronics day for her so she decided to experiment (otherwise known as free PLAY!). And experiment and play she did!

Here are a few fun things she did (and learned about) with soap, food colouring, and water:

Which makes more bubbles?: Liquid hand soap or liquid dish soap?

Which makes more bubbles?

Does warm water make a difference when trying to get bubbles?

Can you get more bubbles if you mix with a fork instead of a stir stick?

What about mixing food colouring? What colours can you make? Can you make a colour lighter? How do you do it?

What happens to the bubbles? Will they still match the water’s colour?

Mixing Colours using food colouring

What happens when you add food colouring to bubbles?

Obviously play is one of the coolest ways to discover new things as I had no clue you could make something as cool as a flower using food colour in bubbles! And without play, we wouldn’t have discovered this (coloured bubble flowers!):

Food Colouring bubble pictures

How about you? Have you and your kids just played for the heck of it lately? Here’s your chance. Grab some food colouring (and maybe a smock of sorts), water, liquid soap, a jar, or glass, and something to stir with. See if you can make bubble rain clouds, and more!


This activity is not only  fun, it’ll teach your kids about mixing colours, and all sorts of science.

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