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Sports Day: Homemade Hurdles for Kids

[divider] One of the local private schools was having a sports day / track day / Olympics for their students in the playground the other day. So while chasing my son and his friends around the playground, I snagged a picture for you of something I thought was really cool. Ta da! They are homemade

KaBOOM’s Playground Challenge 2012

Pop quiz! During the summer holidays, does the average North American child: a) Get in better physical health? b) Get in worse physical health? c) Stay about the same in terms of physical health? Surprisingly and sadly, it is b. The average child gets in worse physical shape during the summer holidays. Yikes! Kids these

Off The Beaten Trail

Have you gone off the beaten trail lately? Last weekend we met up with some friends for ice cream. We put our kids on bikes or in the bike trailer and even grabbed the odd neighbourhood kid and rode down to the local DQ. As it happens, the Dairy Queen has a nice outside table

Bury Your Legs in the Sand

>Sand, sand, glorious sand! Sit down and bury your legs in the sand. Make this a family activity: bury your mom’s legs, your dad’s legs, your brother’s legs, your sister’s legs, the dog’s legs… This activity promotes tactile awareness and well as engineering skills.

Write in the Sand

>Write and draw in the wet, packed sand along the shore. If there are waves, can you write your name before the wave washes it away? How much of the alphabet can you write out before the waves get it? Make this a family activity: See who can write the most of the alphabet before

Build a Sandcastle

>Build a sandcastle. To build a sandcastle, you will need damp sand that can be packed into a container or can be shaped by hand into different castle parts. Hint: Shells, grass, sticks and leaves can be used to decorate your sandcastle. Make this a family activity: Have the whole family work together to build

Look for a Rainbow (and pot of gold)

>The legend goes that at the end of a rainbow, leprechauns hide their pot of gold. Rainbows come out after the rain when the sun is shining. Can you find a rainbow? What about a pot of gold? Make this a family activity: Get everyone together to seek the end of the rainbow. Hurry! It