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>#32: Tin Can Shoes

>Tin can shoes were popular during the 1940s. Why? Because they are easy to make and totally cool.

Materials needed: 2 large coffee or tomato cans, 2 pieces of long, tough string or cord (over 1 metre (3 feet) long for each can), something sharp to make holes in the cans (a nail carefully hammered through the can works well), and an adult to help you out.

Have an adult make one small hole on either side of one can. (Two holes, one across the can from the other.) Make the holes as close to the can bottom as possible. Thread the long string through the holes and tie the ends together, making a large loop. The string loop needs to be long enough that you can hold onto it while standing on the can.

Do the same with the other can.

Turn the cans upside down and carefully place your feet on the can bottoms. Hold onto the strings and pull up lightly to keep the cans tight to your feet as you walk. Start by taking very small steps and keep your feet close together. These shoes sound great on sidewalks. (They are tough to use on plush carpet.)

NOTE: Because my daughter is light (40lbs), I was able to use the tough cardboard cans from hot chocolate instead of tin cans.)

This activity promotes coordination and balance.

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