>#304: Create Your Own Placemat or Coaster

>To make your own placement or coaster, you will need: paper and pens, markers or paint.

You can make a placemat or coaster (sits under a cup so it doesn’t wreck the coffee table) on ordinary paper with crayons, paints, pens or pencil crayons. You can also stick stickers, glue pictures or other things to your placemat. If you laminate (sealed in plastic) your placemat at an office supply store, you can wipe it if you spill on it.

Hint: Try and keep your placemat thin. If it is too thick, you won’t be able to laminate it.

P.S. These can make a great gift.

Make this a family activity: Get the family together to make their own placemat or coaster. You can make them with a theme for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or simply because it’s the weekend!

This activity promotes creativity and fine motor skills.

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