>#302: Make a Centerpiece

>Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans out there.

A centerpiece is something you place in the middle of a table for decoration. There are hundreds of different ideas and types of centerpieces. What do you think would look nice? Something made of flowers? Pine cones? Wood? Paper? Be creative. If you need ideas or designs, try craft books at your local library.

To make this turkey centerpiece, you will need a half Styrofoam ball, white glue, yarn, feathers, scissors, red and orange pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

Cut the yarn into strips–they must be long enough to fit over the round part of the ball and reach the flat part on opposite ends. You will need about 40 strips. Lay the strips of yarn in a pile. Take one strand and tie it around the middle of the pile of yarn, holding the strands together. Cover the Styrofoam with glue (but not the flat bottom). Lay the yarn over the glue, spreading the strands out to cover the Styrofoam. Stick the feathers in the Styrofoam, these will be tail feathers. Glue the googly eyes on. The orange pipe cleaner will be a beak for your turkey. Cut the pipe cleaner to be about an inch long. Fold it in half and stick the two ends into the Styrofoam to make a small beak. Then, cut a small piece off the red to be the turkey’s funny bit of skin that hangs down under its beak. Stick in into the Styrofoam under the beak and you are done.

Very nice!

Make this a family activity: Get everyone to make a turkey to sit in front of their plate at Thanksgiving.

This activity promotes creativity.

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